3 03 2010

ugh, maybe it’s only small pieces from my place. it’s cool, huh? i make something like this! 🙂

well, could you imagine things are gonna messier today? I wish I could have steady morning, calm, with tea or milk cup in my hand, but i realize i can’t ask more. huf.. 😦


What do you call “curhat” in English?

1 03 2010

once again, i must apologize, but there’s a lot changes here that probably hard to resist. My boss was  suddenly moved, being rotated, and replaced by someone new. Geez, how could he do it to us? I mean, we’re all loyal to him, and he go away just like that? without discussion, and.. i dunno, once again, it’s only business, but after all, i hope he got a little loyalty for his team, and.. sigh, i must stop talking about him. it hurts.

well, we climb to second floor! it’s weird, when you come to field, and you must look up now. Ah, i hope my phobia to height wouldn’t affect me more, i wish i could be braver! It’s March, and there’s only 4 months remain! Hope we can finish it on time, if it wouldn’t, i dunno if i can stay longer..

And, what’s up..

Do you believe if i work from Sunday to Sunday again? It’s hard work, babe!!! My mom is a bit complaining about this, she doesn’t get it why i should work hard like this, indeed i have no clues tough. maybe, it will sounds powerless, but i’ll try as best as i can. if i think i could resist it, so maybe it’s time for me to walk away.

Sounds like complain, huh? Sometimes, i need it. Sorry for spamming in this blog, i should tell some serious act, but really, there’s many surprises, huff..

just, again, wish us luck!


21 02 2010

i hate when i must work in Sunday. it’s really unfair.

Morning Chaotic

16 02 2010

hey everyone, are you still with me?

glad to be with you, while i have no story to tell, or photos to perform. It’s hard to visit field, coz rain is almost everyday, and it’s almost impossible for inspecting field in wet condition. i have to tell you that i am lack of immunity system. Sad, but it’s true. Let my body being wet means let me suffer influenza, cold, and fever. Horrible.. 😦

We almost finish our retaining wall, and first floor. And, still there are many things to do. Yesterday morning, i had chaotic condition in my office, when i realize there’s no one to defend but myself. what the hell bloody Monday morning!

I came at 8, and found no one had arrived. And, suddenly, there he was, my officer came and brought problems about wiremesh.

Well, for real, we’re trying to convert conventional slab (which is consists concrete and bar) into steel deck and wiremesh. it’s more expensive, of course, but faster and simpler, so ya, we decide to change it.

The thing is the changing must get approval from our structural consultant, and he has been nowhere since last week. It’s so annoying, coz our Construction Management officer didn’t want to pick any decision until consultant decides it. The worst was my boss didn’t come because of sick! So there i was, in curious, should i get a decision??

Then, with anger, i tried to contact all person, consultant, boss, construction management. Still, no result, and i almost cried.

And, finally… there is a rainbow! My consultant texted me in the afternoon, and brought solution for all. Fiuh,, it’s a relief!

For you, who is anxious of how steel deck looks like..

well, great boss is coming. Gotta go.

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Sorry seems to be an easy word!

13 02 2010

i know, i know..please apologize me for abandoning this blog for a long time.  i know i have been irresponsible, run from my commitment at first time, to share with you what’s happening in my project, but… basic reason indeed cliche, i am busy!! really, really, really busy! i am so fed up with all troubles happen, my boss was so talkative, sometimes i’d like to choke him up! sorry, but the truth!

so, now we’re reaching first floor. it’s hard work, remembering it rains everyday, we have tight problem with money, i am not really sure we’ve already get paid. but, we’re going through all of it, and wish us luck, of course.

somehow, we lack of man power, and we must add workers on and on! Most of them come from out of Jakarta, we provide them a house for staying. i never visit it, but it located not far away from my project.

One big problem of ours is narrowness of our location. when i mention narrow, it’s really narrow. we can’t concreting and fill the soil at a night. there’s no enough place to locate reinforcement bar, we’re curious how to place steel deck, and our safety officer  is anxious how to keep our field safe, when all we face is bar and wood everywhere. Step here, step there, there are always remain materials. We try as best as we can, but once again, it’s really narrow!

well, how my project looks like now?

more less like this. you have no idea how bored i am, for living such of this life everyday. but, life oh life, what should i do again to fed my children? haha..

nah, look for yourself. See, how complicated it is? Long arm excavator beside concrete pump, can’t decide what to prior. What could i say? it’s only our space.

well, if you’re anxious what to do so i’ve been busy all day long, i’ll give you a bit information of my daily morning. First, when i arrive at my office at 8 am, i turn on my laptop, then i go to the field in hurry. I come to division of Uitzet (it means measurement), and perform our routine job. We take the water pas and measurement ruler, go to our neighborhood, and check their level.  for you, newbie, listen to me carefully. Checking your neighbor building is really important at your work. We should have current data everyday, and initial data, so we can recognize if anything happen with our soil. Soil is unpredictable. We never know what’s inside, so we must examine it watchfully.

After evaluating all level, we go inside our project, and still, we check level of our soldier pile. We confirm if there’s any deviation or no. Thanks God, we find nothing in ours.

nah, our Head of Uitzet, this is how we start our day every morning. 🙂

aaah, i need to go to salon. get some refreshment. it’s been a month since i was coming home to Sukabumi, i miss my family so bad!


5 02 2010


2 02 2010

i must confess, these two days are somewhat tense for me. Some difficulties occur here, but poorly, i can’t tell you how. well, some things must be concealed, and i know it’s not fair, but i try to maintain my relationship with my company, and pick what must revealed or not. But, we hope we can solve it soon, and yaah.. hope everything will be okay.

And, for intermezzo, do you want to know how we differ our worker? i mean, it’s like hundred persons employed here, and they do different things. Like for structural work, some do bar arrangements, some do bekisting, some do concreting. And, it’ll be messy if you can’t split who has responsible for one job.

And, this is how we differ it for structural work..

Do you see how they care for each other? They even share their watermelon! Eew, sorry, but what i’d like to tell, is they are bar worker. And how can i? i see from their RED helmet.. 🙂

the one who is wearing yellow helmet is work for bekisting. They arrange casting, scaffolding, and everything that be needed before concreting.

and, what’s he doing? He work for concreting team.

Easy, right? Honestly, i have no clues how we do it for architectural and mechanical electrical work, but i’ll try to find out! Soon!! 🙂

PS. can’t tell you much from my project, sorry, sorry, but i try my best!